Wheelchair Lifts in Colorado

An alternative to a stairlift, which can only transport a single person, and a costly elevator may be a wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts are designed to allow a wheelchair or mobility scooter and it’s occupant to load onto the platform and be raised above an impediment, most likely a set of stairs. Wheelchair lifts for homes are fully automatic and integrated into your residence, and can be installed on the inside or outside of an individual’s home. Wheelchair lifts are durable and beneficial to allow for more accessibility in your home or business setting.

Colorado Stairlift is here to meet all your wheelchair lift needs, whether it be a Vertical or Inclined Platform Lift that you’re seeking. We’ve partnered with Garavanta Lifts to bring you the safest, most cost- efficient, and high quality wheelchair lifts for stairs on the market. Colorado Stairlift is meticulous when selling, installing, and servicing these lifts to meet ADA requirements in any residential or commercial setting. Wheelchair lifts can often be found in churches, on public transportation, in bars and restaurants, and many other business settings.

With over 3 million Americans confined to a wheelchair, it’s our goal to make the world more accessible to everyone, and wheelchair lifts for stairs are a great way of accomplishing that.

Not looking for wheelchair lifts? Colorado Stairlift is your reputable stairlift company in Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding areas. If you need a Stannah stairlift, Harmar stairlift, or a used stairlift for your home, Colorado Stairlift can help! Explore our stairlift pricing and contact us today to learn more!

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