Outdoor Stairlifts


Stairlifts aren’t just for inside your house. We want to give you your independence everywhere. Whether there are steps up to your front door, out to your back garden, down to a garage, or round to a patio, our outside stair lifts make the outdoor spaces you love and need accessible again.


Stannah Outdoor Stairlift


The Stannah 320 is a practical outdoor stairlift solution where you have a straight staircase and need to access your driveway, deck, or yard. Quickly fastened to a few of the stair treads, the 320 exterior stair lift is easier to install than a ramp and takes up much less room. The 320 was designed to withstand both hot and cold climates and has a good track record in locations as diverse as New England and Hawaii.

Operating the Stannah 320 outdoor chair lift for stairs couldn’t be easier. After sitting in the secure seat (which comes with a lap belt), move the joystick on the armrest to glide effortlessly up or down the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you can turn the chair to face the landing. To access the great outdoors, it’s just the lift you need!


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